Rolande chainsaw carver

I started chainsaw carving in 2008, self taught and having no Arboriculture background .

I was always a keen artist and studied at college in fine art when I was younger, so chainsaw carving seemed a natural progression for me.

My very first creation was a little Bear and then I went on to make an Owl, people started to buy my work. What started out as one or two days a week creating small sculptures has now resulted in a full time job.

My customers range from Schools, Parks, local Authorities and of course the general public.

I often create sculptures in the Charente Maritime region of South West France too.

I create a variety of sculptures to cater for everyone's budget.

Rustic garden furniture from timber which I mill myself.

Tree stump carvings are always very popular, giving trees a second lease of life after they are felled. I always advise customers on what can be made from various size tree stumps and to what height to have it felled at, on most occasions this part can be done through emailing a few photos to me.

Rustic Weddings can also be catered for.

Pet portraits in a choice of timer using the wood burning technique of Pyrography, these are not be to confused with using a stencil  to copy an image on to wood, I'm an artist so it's all freehand.

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